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  • With IP66/67 Case, and built-in GPS/GPRS antennas,the waterproof device MC500 can be used for boat,heavy vehicle,machines, cranes. 4200mah battery makes device work standalone by itself ( without external power) for 1 month. 


    User have 2 options for this device:

    Standard version with 10 cables in rubber sleeve, the other light version without any cables as a portable device.


    - 850/900/1800/1900 worldwide network.
    - Support GPRS/SMS,TCP/UDP mode. 
    - Support Indoor LBS & AGPS

    - Built in 3D motion sensor

    - Voice monitor

    - Optional 2 way voice call
    - Vehicle fuel cut 

    - USB Configuration / Upgrade Version

    - OTA remote firmware upgrade

    - Smart sleep mode to save power

    - Optional door sensor
    - Optional fuel sensor

    - Black box data logger for last half hour.


    - Fixed time report 

    - Fixed distance report

    - Fixed heading change report

    - Report with: Time / Coordinates / Heading / Speed / Mileage / Fuel / Battery / AGPS data 

    - Speeding Alarm

    - External power disconnect alarm

    - Geo-fence alarm

    - Low battery alarm

    - SOS alarm

    - Movement alarm

    - Door sensor alarm

    - Low fuel alarm


    - Remote Control device reporting

    - Remote Configure, require parameters

    - Remote reset

    - Remote immobilize the vehicle

    - Remote clear alarms / back to factory setting

    - Remote upgrade firmware

    Standard Parkage:Main unit, Wire Harness, Cut relay, SOS alarm buttons, GPS/GPRS Antennas, Velcro, MIC.

    Optional:Speaker, USB Setup Cable,Door Sensor, 240/110V~12V adaptor

  • Ø  GPS: Ublox-5M module
    Ø  GPS Sensitivity: -159db
    Ø  GPS Accuracy: 0-5 meter (Open Area)
    Ø  GSM: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
    Ø  3D Motion Sensor
    Ø  Input: 
        12V Power +/-;  ACC; Door; Alarm; MIC; Fuel Voltage;  SOS+/-; 1 Optional

    Ø Output: 
        Fuel Cut; Speaker +-;1 Optional

    Ø  Device Dimension: 88*62.5*32mm    
    Ø  Weight: 140G    
    Ø  Working Voltage: 9~36V/1.8A   

    Ø  Backup battery: 1400mah/2800mah/4200mah ( 4200 mah standby for 1 month)

    Ø  Currency (GSM Open): <15Mah  
    Ø  Currency (GSM/GPS Open):  <45Mah    
    Ø  Working Temperature: -25℃~+60℃    
    Ø  LED Lights:  Red -->GPS; Blue-->GSM    
    Ø  Cut Relay: 12V/24V  40A 
    Ø  Consumption (Sleep) <5Mah
    Ø   Consumption  (GSM On): <15Mah  
    Ø   Consumption  (GSM/GPS On):  <45Mah    
    Ø  Working Temperature: -25℃~+60℃   

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